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Testimonials on our trip to Vietnam 2023

Dr. Binh Minh Herbst: A.MUSE GbR

Beyond deepening our understanding of the Vietnamese business world, we also made new friends and established great connections with enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Thomas Kuwatsch: Ari Motors GmbH

The comprehensive and professional assistance is truly unique, both before, during, and after the trip.

Alejandro Chitiva: Realists Training Technologies GmbH

This trip provided invaluable results for us: a variety of key contacts, invaluable market intelligence, and deep insights into the specifics of the Vietnamese spine surgery market.

Luca Long: 4Win Recruiting GbR

The market exploration trip with ISC was an extremely valuable experience for us as a startup. We were able to establish many new valuable contacts, some of which led to significant collaborations.

Testimonials on our trip to Vietnam 2022

Srinivas Karuturi: BIOWEG UG

This program allowed us to experience Vietnam in a most comfortable and curated fashion. The networking was organised promptly by competent local ecosystem mentors. The program allowed us to meet our Vietnamese partners with the active involvement of the mentors.

Olivier Journet: Skylink Industries GmbH

Dedicating 2 weeks for this trip was really the best decision in order to get more done while in the country. I enjoyed working with the ISC team, highly professional, not only on site but also a month before the trip actually started. This was a very good way to start thinking about the whole business environment and save time after landing in the country.

Dr. Dilan Sinem Sert: SediDoc GmbH

This trip allowed us to deepen our economic relations with Vietnam and provided us with a deeper understanding of the business opportunities and cultural diversity of this fascinating country.

Maximilian Pröpper: Dashfactory GmbH

For us, these first steps on the Asian market were a complete success to bring in our ideas for a more sustainable development of urban mobility and to get in contact with potential partners and customers.