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China is one of Germany's most important markets 

China offers a huge consumer and B2B market and room to experiment with new business models in a technology-savvy society. The start-up scene has developed enormously in recent years, especially with many unicorns, i.e., young companies whose value is estimated at more than one billion US dollars. Nevertheless, China is not an easy market, so early support is essential for founders and start-ups to develop a market strategy. This is where the International Startup Campus offers different services like qualification or market programs.

The German-Chinese Business Hub “DC Hub” 

The Leipzig University has already conducted start-up trips to China before the pandemic. Our program on site is carried out in cooperation with the Saxony Trade & Invest Corp. 

We had the opportunity to get to know the Chinese start-up culture and pitch in front of Chinese partners and investors.

Dr. Dilan Sinem Sert, Founder of SediDoc GmbH

In addition, the universities of the International Startup Campus have numerous partnerships with universities, research institutions and companies in China. The cities of Leipzig and Jena also maintain city partnerships with Nanjing and Guangzhou, respectively.

Market Exploration

DC-Hub supports German start-ups and SMEs to build competencies for the Chinese market for a duration of max. 2 weeks in China with flights, coworking workspace, network access, events and workshops. Thus, the participants can plan and implement their projects for China with the ISC team on-site in Wuhan. 



Our offer sounds interesting? Contact us and meet with representatives from the ISC and Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation at the Außernwirtschaftstag Sachsen in Leipzig on the 11th of April 2024. 

Impressions from China

ISC Alumni

Greenhub GmbH
Saige Analytics
RiDERgy GmbH
3G Proxy
Skylink Industries GmbH
Energiesachse GmbH
Klangchat GmbH
FlyNex GmbH
Luma Learning e.V.

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Explore East Asia

2024-12-09 10:00–2024-22-09 16:00
Deadline: 2024-30-06

Markterkundungsreise Vietnam 2024-2

ExploreBeratung | Event/Festival | Matching | Mentoring | Messe | Networking | Reise | Workshop | Qualifizierungsprogramm | Förderung
Das ISC Team der Universität Leipzig organisiert zw. dem 12. – 22. September 2024 eine Markterkundungsreise nach Vietnam. Die Zielgruppe besteht aus Start-ups die an der Anbahnung von Geschäftsbeziehungen mit vietnamesischen Geschäftspartnern interessiert sind und klare Geschäftsziele in Asien haben.
International Startup Campus
Präsenz: u.a. Ho-Chi-Minh City
2024-27-10 00:00–2024-07-11 00:00
Deadline: 2024-31-08

Markterkundungsreise nach Japan 2024 -1

ExploreBeratung | Diskussion | Event/Festival | Feedback | Informationsveranstaltung | Förderung | Messe | Networking | Präsentation | Workshop
Wir unterstützen bei der Anbahnung von Geschäftsbeziehungen zu japanischen Unternehmen und können finanzielle Unterstützung für Flüge und Unterbringung vor Ort beantragen, um potenzielle Kunden, Partner und Lieferanten in Japan zu identifizieren. Ihr erhaltet Zugang zu relevanten Informationen und Workshops über den japanischen Markt sowie exklusiven Zugang zu Networking-Veranstaltungen, Messen etc.
International Startup Campus