Startups in our network: dashfactory

In our startup ecosystem, many international-oriented startups are located. Dashfactory is one of them. The Dashtrack is an innovative, unique, and fast scalable data platform to digitize cycling across Europe with Dashfactory to make cycling safer. They are recording all relevant traffic data of cyclists on a daily basis, including processing and analysis. Cycling data collection is the digital solution to improve the cycling infrastructure much faster and more efficiently.​ In a brief interview, we asked Dashfactory about the startup ecosystem. (By kristin.hesche)


Interview with Dashfactory: smart solutions for city bikers

How do you perceive the startup ecosystem in Central Germany?​
We definitely like this ecosystem very much. Since we founded our startup, we've met a lot of great people and the collaboration has always been fun and paid off on both sides. Establishing a network with other companies is the key, let's do it together.​

What kind of support have you received in the past?​
We were supported by several long-standing entrepreneurs such as the Jena marketing agency ART-KON-TOR, who helped us to launch our start-up and to make our first contacts. The University of Jena also accompanied us in our very beginnings and helped us a lot with our first offices. The first accelerator that helped us grow and to which we owe many new contacts was the SpinLab by HHL in Leipzig.​

What should be promoted even more in the future?​
In general, we need to tell the students more that it is possible to start your own business. Entrepreneurship is not known to everyone. Such things are rarely taught in school or university, and you must look up a lot yourself.​

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