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Different formats that fit to you

We have the flexibility to adapt our formats and topics to your individual needs:

  • Presentations with access to E-Learning
  • Webinars & seminars
  • Workshops with small groups of startup teams
  • Impulse sessions with expert Q&A

Also take advantage of:

  • Coachings with individual guidance
  • Startup meets Expert: Meet exclusive experts such as investors, lawyers, potential business partners
  • Startup FOCUS: Pitchtraining – Exclusive combination of intensive workshop elements with coaching & training sessions, certificated
  • Founders Roundtable: connect and boost with other International Startup Campus participants
  • Digital Community to connect with like-minded people


What's next

2023-20-06 14:00–2023-27-06 15:00
Deadline: 2023-31-05

Startup FOCUS 2023 - Pitch-Training

LearnPräsentation | Networking | Coaching | Feedback
Wie kommt man zum perfekten Pitch? Mit unserer professionellen Anleitung erarbeitest du dir an 3 Tagen Stück für Stück dein perfektes Pitch Deck. Am Ende des Intensivtrainings hast du die Möglichkeit, deinen Pitch vor geladenen Experten und Finanziers zu präsentieren, wertvolles Feedback zu erhalten und natürlich neue Kontakte zu knüpfen. Wir machen dich und deinen Pitch fit für die Bühne.
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Tanja Hünniger
University of Halle-Wittenberg
+49 345 55 22967

Tanja Hünniger works in the Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg and is responsible for the…

+49 345 55 22967
Ede Möser
University of Jena
+49 3641 9 402123

Ede Möser works as a consultant in the start-up service of the University of Jena and is responsible for various event and qualification formats as well as workshops…

+49 3641 9 402123
Wojtek Muras
University of Leipzig
+49 341 9 733760

He works as a lecturer and consultant for the SEPT Competence Center (SME Promotion and Training) at the Leipzig University and develops various…

+49 341 9 733760