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Born Global Startup Community

People from all over the world study and work at our universities. The spin-offs or startups from our universities, are mostly knowledge and research-based and address international markets very quickly. We support these „Born Globals“ and give their topics a forum with a community event, the yearly Born Global Startup Festival and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Join the community as

1. Startup or founding team

You are a startup or a team that is on its way to build a company? Benefit from our experienced support team with diverse backgrounds in our startup support and knowledge and technology transfer offices.

Your advantages:

  • Benefit from the access to qualification offers, office space to further develop your business in our startup center (for founding teams) or in co-working spaces and technology centers nearby (for startups).
  • Identify potential customers and investors in our region or our international networks. Our universities serve as door openers and platforms to connect. 
  • Get access to more than 50 mentors, trainers, coaches, investors and networking partners. Our digital platforms and events promote your founding team or startup internationally.

2. Student or researcher

As a student or researcher you can access the community to talk to like-minded people, identify role models and get personal support:

  • idea check and get feedback from other founding teams
  • ask experts how they deal with IP issues
  • identify qualification offers for starting a business
  • find co-founders

3. Startup supporter

Are you an investor, corporate or institution that supports founding teams?

  • Get an introduction to the local startup and innovation ecosystem reflecting the different research strengths of the universities.
  • You can benefit from trans-regional access to mainly deep tech startups that are spin-outs from universities or local tech companies. 
  • University startups are often research and thus patent-based and are show a higher survival rate.
  • Your professional experience and passion to support founding teams and startups is highly welcome. Just contact one of our local offices.



Unsere Community Events

2024-27-05 | 13:00–15:30
Deadline: 2024-26-05

Born Global Startup Festival: Creative Career Development for Chinese students & graduates (Workshop in JENA)

The workshop is designed for Chinese students keen on discovering innovative career paths and entrepreneurial opportunities, particularly in Central Germany. All are invited to join the panel afterwards. The workshop is held in cooperation with ChinaKooP.
International Startup Campus
Präsenz: Jena
2024-27-05 | 15:30–18:00
Deadline: 2024-26-05

Born Global Startup Festival'24 - Creative career development for Internationals (in JENA)

JoinEvent/Festival | Networking | Workshop
Panel and workshop with a focus on formats like makeathons for creative solution, entrepreneurship and opportunities to become part of a global start-up ecosystem. Discover how you can participate in makeathons and stimulate an entrepreneurial mindset.
International Startup Campus
Präsenz: Jena
2024-28-05 | 10:00–22:00

BORN GLOBAL STARTUP FESTIVAL'24 - Empowering Internationals (in Leipzig)

JoinWorkshop | Event/Festival | Matching | Networking
Die Teilnehmer erwartet ein spannendes Programm mit erfolgreichen internationalen Gründern aus Leipzig, die in einer inspirierenden Podiumsdiskussion ihre Erfahrungen als Unternehmer in Deutschland teilen. In drei parallelen Sessions gibt es rechtliche Aspekte der Gründung, Finanzierungsprogramme und Prototyping-Möglichkeiten in Mitteldeutschland. Zudem feiern wir den Start der Co-Founder-Plattform.
International Startup Campus
Präsenz: Leipzig
2024-29-05 10:00–2024-30-05 18:40

Born Global Startup Festival' 24 - @MACHN Festival (in Leipzig)

JoinEvent/Festival | Diskussion | Feedback | Informationsveranstaltung | Networking | Workshop
Triff uns und Startups aus unserem Umfeld beim @MACHN Festival an unserem Stand!Dieses Festival feiert maschinelle Innovation und Hardware-Vernetzung und bietet einzigartige Einblicke in die Zukunft von technologiegetriebenen Unternehmen.
International Startup Campus
Präsenz: Leipzig
2024-04-06 | 15:00–18:00

Connect & Innovate: Building German-Japanese strategic partnerships (in JENA)

JoinDiskussion | Informationsveranstaltung | Matching | Networking | Präsentation
This workshop is designed as an interactive session in which we would like to jointly develop action plans to strengthen cooperation between German and Japanese companies and organizations. We count German and Japanese experts and companies among our guests.
International Startup Campus
Präsenz: Jena
2024-06-06 | 14:00–13:00

Japan meets Thuringia 2.0 (in Erfurt)

JoinMatching | Networking | Präsentation
Am 5.6. folgen acht japanische Startups aus den Bereichen MedTech, AI, Manufacturing der Einladung nach Thüringen. Sie werden sich im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltung mit einem Kurzpitch interessierten Unternehmen vorstellen. Die in Kooperation zwischen International Startup Campus, LEG und Start2-Group bietet hierfür eine Informationaveranstaltung mit anschließendes Matching an.
International Startup Campus

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