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About market exploration trip to Vietnam, 2023

Statement by Alejandro Chitiva, Business Development, Realists Training Technologies GmbH:

For Realists Training Technologies, this trip was a clear success, thanks to the support of the International Startup Campus (ISC). With their help, we were able to speed up our market exploration process, which would have taken much more time and resources if we had done it independently.

The ISC team's extensive network within the Vietnamese market ensured that we gained invaluable insights from the very beginning of our venture. Given the highly specialized nature of our market - spine surgery - securing access to key industry players, who are vital sources of information for a successful assessment and business strategy, required considerable effort.

In addition, we seized the opportunity to present our products and services directly to experienced local distributors with extensive experience and vast networks cultivated through years of dedicated industry involvement.

This trip provided invaluable results for us: a variety of key contacts, invaluable market intelligence, and deep insights into the specifics of the Vietnamese spine surgery market, all of which can easily be applied to neighboring countries within the region.

If you want to be part of this journey, write to us.