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Market exploration trip to Vietnam

The DV-Hub 

provides you with all information about the Vietnamese market as well as with experts from the field, organizes and supports matchmaking with potential business partner on site. In addition, the ISC maintains an office in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), which can be used by the participants as contact point.

With the DV-Hub, the International Startup Campus focuses on the initiation of business relationships with Vietnamese business partners such as suppliers, distributors as well as potential customers.

Wojtek Muras

Target group 

  • Startups and founding teams (up to 5 years after founding) who are interested in establishing business relations with Vietnamese business partners and already have clear business goals in Vietnam
  • Startups/ founding teams that are looking for IT partners (outsourcing) or production partners/suppliers


Benefits for the participants

  • Market exploration trip with co-financed economy flight (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Paid workplace for max. 3 weeks in the coworking space of the AHK in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Co-financed hotel
  • Support in matchmaking with potential business partners in Vietnam
  • Participation in networking events on site
  • Information sessions, workshops and seminars about the Vietnamese market


Application Process

Step 1: Application via ISC application portal incl. pitch deck with argumentation why the expansion to Vietnam is planned as well as what is to be achieved during the trip

Step 2: Meeting with ISC team (online/offline), presentation of the company profile as well as goals and plan for the trip to Vietnam, Q&A session

Step 3: Selection of max. 6 start-ups based on application documents as well as the result of the meeting with the ISC team.



Impressions from Vietnam

Our Alumni

Disaster Relief Systems
Skylink Industries GmbH
SediDoc GmbH
Breeze Technologies GmbH
Bioweg UG
Dashfactory GmbH
ChargeHorizons GmbH

Contact our representative

Wojtek Muras
University of Leipzig

He works as a lecturer and consultant for the SEPT Competence Center (SME Promotion and Training) at the Leipzig University and develops various qualification formats for international students, people interested in founding a company and start-ups. In particular, he is the contact person for the market exploration trips to Vietnam.