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I have only an initial idea for a startup project. Can I apply for your programs?
Yes, we have programs and workshops suitable for anyone interested in starting a business and will help you develop your startup idea. For example, check out the Lift'n Move qualification program.

At the moment, I can't say whether countries in East Asia are the right target markets for me. Will the market exploration programs still be suitable for me?
In this case, we recommend you first make an appointment with your local team or participate in our general introductory workshops. You can also learn about other regions of the world through cooperation partners.

How do I apply for the individual programs if I can't find a current call for applications?
You can contact a team member at your location at any time to find out about current plans so you can be considered for the next round.

I am interested in a particular startup topic but cannot find a workshop. Can I suggest workshop topics?
Yes, you can suggest topics that are important to you. It is best to send them to the contact person in the "Learn" qualification area.

Can I find all the offerings of the International Startup Campus at my location?
As a network, we have divided up some fields of action, but you can get important orientation and information about them at any location. Events are held online or also at one of the three universities. As a student in Halle, you can also take advantage of offerings in Leipzig or Jena, for example - and vice versa.

I am a startup and do not come from Central Germany. Can I still apply for programs?
You can apply for our programs. However, in case of limited places and increased demand, we consider startups from the region. Online events are usually open to national and international founders.

What are the costs for individual programs?
As a rule, our offerings are free of charge for university founders. Travel costs can be covered up to a certain limit (depending on Landes-Reisekostengesetz). However, depending on the event, participation fees may be charged for companies.

How long after the startup date can I apply for ISC programs?
Generally, we can accept startups into our programs up to 5 years after founding. However, many courses are open.