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Japan: Innovation Partnership

Japan has been Germany's most crucial innovation partner in Asia for over 160 years. Especially in areas such as automotive, manufacturing, or microelectronics, there is a trusting and long-lasting cooperation on which startups can build. Numerous Japanese corporates are interested in collaborating with German startups and are potential customers. The Japanese startup ecosystem is also increasingly gaining momentum.

Close and trustful network

The universities of the International Startup Campus maintain relationships with over 30 Japanese universities, as well as many other institutions and companies in Japan. The central German OptoNet cluster has also maintained good relations with the optics cluster in Hamamatsu for years with numerous companies. To build up the so-called German-Japanese Hub, which rests on the pillars of these already-established trusting relationships, trips to Japan will again be able to occur every six months in 2022. In the process, we will visit various Japanese startup and innovation ecosystems. Depending on their profile, startups from Central Germany can get to know excellent networks and cooperation partners there to tap into the Japanese market.

Market Exploration Trips

The next trips to Japan will take place in the 2nd and 4th quarters 2023. Please check our calendar regularly or contact your representative.

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Valerie Daldrup
University of Jena

Valerie Daldrup has many years of experience in various international projects, especially in cooperation with Asia, and has worked for various associations…