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Japan: Innovation Partnership

Japan has been Germany's most crucial innovation partner in Asia for over 160 years. Especially in areas such as automotive, manufacturing, or microelectronics, there is a trusting and long-lasting cooperation on which startups can build. Numerous Japanese corporates are interested in collaborating with German startups and are potential customers. The Japanese startup ecosystem is also increasingly gaining momentum.

Close and trustful network

The universities of the International Startup Campus maintain relationships with over 30 Japanese universities, as well as many other institutions and companies in Japan. The central German OptoNet cluster has also maintained good relations with the optics cluster in Hamamatsu for years with numerous companies. To build up the so-called German-Japanese Hub, which rests on the pillars of these already-established trusting relationships, trips to Japan will again be able to occur every six months in 2023 and 2024. In the process, we will visit various Japanese startup and innovation ecosystems. Depending on their profile, startups from Central Germany can get to know excellent networks and cooperation partners there to tap into the Japanese market.

Market Exploration Trips

The International Startup Campus is the key for startups aiming to conquer the Japanese market. Our hub in Japan offers tailored support and unique matchmaking for startups looking to establish themselves in Japan.


Tailored Program for Your Startup

Together with you, we'll develop an individual program that precisely caters to your needs and goals. Whether forging new partnerships or strengthening existing connections, our DJ hub will connect you with the right contacts.

Discover New Opportunities On-site

Our market exploration trip allows you to cost-effectively identify potential customers, partners, and suppliers in Japan and engage with them directly on-site. Additionally, we provide access to exclusive information, workshops, networking events, expos, and startup competitions.

Target group 
Startups and founding teams (up to 10 years after founding) who are interested in establishing business relations with japanese business partners.

Benefits for participants

  • Co-Financing: Support for flights and hotel cost
  • Individually Tailored Program: customized to your need
  • Matchmaking Support: assistance in initiating business relationships on-site
  • Duration: about 7-10 days (arrive and depart according to your schedule)


Explore New Horizons with Our 2024 Market Exploration Trip

Are you planning concrete business intentions in Japan? Be part of our market exploration trip in Octobre 27th 2024. We cordially invite you to join this intensive exploration, granting you access to potential partners and a wealth of information about the Japanese market.


Secure your spot for 2024 and register now to be part of our upcoming exploration trip to Japan! 

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2024-12-09 10:00–2024-22-09 16:00
Deadline: 2024-30-06

Markterkundungsreise Vietnam 2024-2

ExploreBeratung | Event/Festival | Matching | Mentoring | Messe | Networking | Reise | Workshop | Qualifizierungsprogramm | Förderung
Das ISC Team der Universität Leipzig organisiert zw. dem 12. – 22. September 2024 eine Markterkundungsreise nach Vietnam. Die Zielgruppe besteht aus Start-ups die an der Anbahnung von Geschäftsbeziehungen mit vietnamesischen Geschäftspartnern interessiert sind und klare Geschäftsziele in Asien haben.
International Startup Campus
Präsenz: u.a. Ho-Chi-Minh City
2024-27-10 00:00–2024-07-11 00:00
Deadline: 2024-31-08

Markterkundungsreise nach Japan 2024 -1

ExploreBeratung | Diskussion | Event/Festival | Feedback | Informationsveranstaltung | Förderung | Messe | Networking | Präsentation | Workshop
Wir unterstützen bei der Anbahnung von Geschäftsbeziehungen zu japanischen Unternehmen und können finanzielle Unterstützung für Flüge und Unterbringung vor Ort beantragen, um potenzielle Kunden, Partner und Lieferanten in Japan zu identifizieren. Ihr erhaltet Zugang zu relevanten Informationen und Workshops über den japanischen Markt sowie exklusiven Zugang zu Networking-Veranstaltungen, Messen etc.
International Startup Campus


Program Outline December 2023

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International Startup Campus Competition_2024

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Market Exploration Trip to Japan 2024 -1
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