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East Asia is one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced regions in the world. That is why our market exploration program focuses on this region. We offer market exploration trips in China, Japan, and Vietnam and provide you with a diverse partner network, including over 70 partner universities and institutions located in these countries. We accompany you from your first steps to your internationalization strategy. With our qualification offers, you can explore different markets for your products, and our competent partners and mentors raise awareness for the opportunities and risks of your internationalization journey.


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Your contact

Wojtek Muras
University of Leipzig
+49 341 9 733760

He works as a lecturer and consultant for the SEPT Competence Center (SME Promotion and Training) at the Leipzig University and develops various…

+49 341 9 733760
Valerie Daldrup
University of Jena
+49 3641 9 402119

Valerie Daldrup has many years of experience in various international projects, especially in cooperation with Asia, and has worked for various associations…

+49 3641 9 402119