A joint startup initiative of the universities Halle, Jena and Leipzig

We provide our international networks to scale your business globally. In East Asia and beyond.

Startups, founding teams, students, researchers and supporters

Connect with a like-minded community and international entrepreneurs.

International partner networks, qualification and market access

We support founding teams and startups to qualify, grow and exploit international opportunities.

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Dr. Oliver Pänke
+49 3641 9 402115
Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger
+49 341 9 739761
Moritz Bradler
Hien Nguyen
Dr. Susanne Hübner
+49 345 55 22953
University of Jena

Dr. Oliver Pänke is head of Transfer at the University of Jena's Service Center for Research and Transfer and manages the University of Jena's subproject. He holds…

Project Lead
University of Leipzig

Utz Dornberger is Professor of Development Economics with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and Director of the International SEPT…

University of Halle-Wittenberg

Moritz Bradler, trained in business administration and industrial engineering, is dedicated to supporting scientists at MLU with their research transfer…

Representative of SEPT Competence Center in Vietnam
University of Leipzig
University of Halle-Wittenberg

Susanne Hübner heads the MLU ISC project and has been active in technology transfer and start-up consulting for over 15 years. Since 2017, she has been…

University of Jena

Ede Möser works as a consultant in the start-up service of the University of Jena and is responsible for various event and qualification formats as well as workshops…

University of Leipzig

Jazmín is an entrepreneur, PhD candidate and works as a project manager for SEPT Competence Center (SME Promotion and Training) at the University of Leipzig.

University of Jena

Kristin Hesche is an employee in the start-up department of the University of Jena and has many years of professional experience in…


University of Leipzig

Gunnar Kaßberg is responsible for the coordination of the project in Leipzig and works as a lecturer and consultant. He has many years of experience in…

University of Leipzig

He works as a lecturer and consultant for the SEPT Competence Center (SME Promotion and Training) at the Leipzig University and develops various…

University of Jena

Valerie Daldrup has many years of experience in various international projects, especially in cooperation with Asia, and has worked for various associations…

Ede Möser
+49 3641 9 402123
Jazmín Ponce Gómez
+49 341 97 33765
Kristin Hesche
+49 3641 9 402141
Gunnar Kaßberg
+49 341 9 733760
Wojtek Muras
+49 341 9 733760
Valerie Daldrup
+49 3641 9 402119