Alumni in our network: EVA Skylink Industries GmbH

Short statement or feedback from startups, internationals and alumni about our services they experienced. (By Wojciech Muras )


About market exploration trip to Vietnam, 2022

Statement by Olivier Journet, CTO & Co-Founder of EVA Skylink Industries GmbH: 


Dedicating 2 weeks for this trip was really the best decision in order to get more done while in the country. I enjoyed working with the ISC team, highly professional, not only on site but also a month before the trip actually started. This was a very good way to start thinking about the whole business environment and save time after landing in the country. Vietnam is a country where language can definitely be an issue and getting the support from ISC Vietnam team members was very valuable. The agenda was well balanced with economic insights from AHK, local lawyers, visits to various companies, the Green Energy forum, the demo day at the University of Economics,.. And the ISC team made sure that, in the little time left, during the day or the evening, we had enough exposure to the delicious food and local culture to get a complete and meaningful experience.


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