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DV Hub stands for Business and Innovations Hub for Vietnam.

DV Hub is a multiplier and co-ordinator of German-Vietnamese co-operations related to business development, to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and international expansion of trade.

For this purpose, DV-Hub has developed various education and support programs that contribute to strengthening the management skills of alumni, promoting international entrepreneurship and networking with internationally oriented companies.


Why is Vietnam important as a business partner?

The economic relations between the two countries continue to grow. In 2019 Germany defended its position as Vietnam’s largest EU trading partner, with a share of 20 percent of Vietnam’s total exports to the EU. With regard to investments up to May 2019, Germany has carried out 328 FDI projects with a total registered capital of more than 1.98 billion US $.

German and Vietnamese companies expect further impetus from the free trade agreements entered into force on August 01, 2020 between the EU and Vietnam.

The elimination of bilateral tariffs and export taxes, together with the reduction of non-tariff barriers affecting the cross-border exchanges of goods and services, are expected to boost bilateral trade considerably and to create new ­opportunities emerge to access markets across a range of ­sectors, covering goods, ­services, and investment for both sides.


Our offer for German startups:

DV-Hub supports Internationalization of German start-ups to Vietnam as well as international foundations especially between German and Vietnamese partners with focus on German and Vietnamese alumni, Born Global start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

DV-Hub promotes and strengthen cooperation between German and Vietnam business incubators, coworking spaces etc. and acts as a facilitator and accelerator of networking activities on the Vietnamese market.

Our offer for Vietnamese startups:

DV-Hub supports also Vietnamese startups looking for new cooperation opportunities in Europe with focus on the German market. Thanks to DC-Hub support initiatives, Vietnamese startups and entrepreneurs gain an opportunity not only to acquire a specific knowledge but also to promote their business in international market. Furthermore DV-Hub acts as a matchmaking platform for Vietnamese startups on the German market.


International Innovators Award 2020

The International Innovators Award is an annual activity of SEPT International Program and its partners in Asia Region. For more than 5 years the competition for Best Innovators Awards has created the opportunities for many young enterprises and start-ups in Vietnam to connect and explore the new markets in European Union and Germany in particular. The International Innovators Award offers a stage for young entrepreneurs to present business plans that have high potential to play a major contribution to Vietnam’s rapidly growing economy.

Why the International Innovators Award 2020 is best fit for you?

  • World-class intensive training focused on innovation and international business development
  • Exclusive coaching and mentoring by Gurus in the field
  • Truly international business pitching competition
  • Unique opportunity to access to Germany and European markets

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