Supporting internationalization of startups

Collaboration of Universities Halle-Jena-Leipzig


Attracting international startups to the region


Developing competencies for company growth


Supporting startups entering the Asian market


The aim of the Attract phase is to locate internationally oriented startups in Central Germany, in particular through research collaborations, and thus contribute to raising the profile of the Unibund region as a whole. In addition, founding teams from the Central German Unibund region are to be strengthened by international co-founders and given an international orientation at an early stage.
Attract phase comprises following action fields:

  • Acquisition of international co-founders
  • Support for the establishment of international startups



In “Attract” phase, international entrepreneurs will be involved in startup commitment in the Unibund region on two levels: as a co-founder in German startups or as a main founder based on previous studies at a university in the region of the Central German Unibund and its networks, or as an entrepreneur from the Abroad who want to settle in the region due to a research cooperation.