Collaboration of Universities Halle-Jena-Leipzig

Supporting the internationalization of startups


Attracting international startups to the region


Developing competencies for company growth


Supporting startups entering the Asian market


The aim of the Attract phase is to locate internationally oriented startups in Central Germany, in particular through research collaborations, and thus contribute to raising the profile of the Unibund region as a whole. In addition, founding teams from the Central German Unibund region are to be strengthened by international co-founders and given an international orientation at an early stage.
Attract phase comprises following action fields:

  • Acquisition of international co-founders
  • Support for the establishment of international startups


During the “Attract” phase, international entrepreneurs will be included in their startup match in the Unibund region on two levels: as a co-founder in German startups or as a main founder based on previous studies at a university in the region of the Central German Unibund and its networks, or as an entrepreneur from the Abroad who wants to settle in the region due to a research cooperation.

Matching German startups and Egyptian IT experts in 2020/21

In our latest project in 2020 we will bring talented Egyptian IT experts into contact with German startups. Our partner in Egypt is Yomken. They have already identified more than 500 potential Egyptian freelancers who are ready to work with our German startups. The IT experts will make their knowledge available to the Germans and will supplement the German teams in the future.

German startups‘ profiles

Not a number

We realize customized spatial sound concepts for diverse requirements in the field of live and installations. Our services extend through all project phases, from conception and development of ideas, technical planning, sound design, recording, production and 3D mixing of audio content, interaction concepts and interface design up to equipment rental, installation and operating of sound systems.

From spatial binaural productions for headphones, common surround formats to 3D multichannel sound systems with over 100 speakers we are prepared for realizing visions from a wide range of applications. Through the creation of own and collaborative creative works, we are always in the process to research or develop new hardware and software and to expand our know-how and our pool of state of the art tools and technologies.

We are looking for a creative, open-minded frontend developer with a sense for aesthetics and interest in developing audio plugins to design the frontend of our immersive audio station project.


Hallo.City is a young startup run by Valeria and Maricruz, two internationals living in Leipzig, Germany. The idea behind Hallo.City is that internationals coming to live in Germany can easily access the products and services they need in a centralized digital platform. The co-founders have built an online community using Instagram (@hallocity_leipzig) during the past 6 months and are now willing to scale their business idea. They are now looking for a passionate software developer to help them achieve their goal.

We are looking for an exceptional and talented web developer who can develop an online platform that lists products and services to the international community living in Leipzig, Germany to ease their everyday tasks and enable them to access products and services from a centralized digital platform.


I am a biologist and very interested in GIS. That’s why I founded my startup to develop an android app for mapping the landscape and its biotopes. Till now this work is be done by pen and paper. An app will speed up and remove transmission errors from the mapping process. The mapping is used in Germany to determine the value of a landscape. This is needed for every construction activity like streets, power lines, railway lines, tall buildings… As well the app is useful for research. You can record differences in the landscape on the timeline. The beta version of the app is almost ready to use.

I am looking for an backend developer who is able to design and program an admin panel for my android app. On the admin panel it should be possible to edit the different tables of the database for the mapping. In addition to that, the individual users of the app should be administered from the panel.