Supporting internationalization of startups

Collaboration of Universities Halle-Jena-Leipzig


Attracting international startups to the region


Developing competencies for company growth


Supporting startups entering the Asian market


The aim of the action area “Academy” is conception, expansion and sustainable implementation of a tailor-made training program for startup teams and startups with technology based business models from the three universities and the three locations Halle-Jena-Leipzig as well as for international interested parties.



The coaching sessions of the “Academy” phase are primarily based on three university research profiles: life sciences, materials science, photonics and geographically on the Asian markets (China, Japan, Vietnam).

Over 30 online courses and coaching formats will be offered during the project phase as a modular system structured in the competence levels “Basic”, “Advanced” and “Expert”. As a result over 160 founders are expected to use the “Academy” offer of the Unibund.